Learning About Yourself Is the Best Way to Succeed in Relationships

There are many ways by which you might be harming your relationships. Often you are not aware of them. You use them in a routine manner, on automatic pilot. They’ve become your pattern of thought and behaviour. Not being aware of this situation, when your relationship fails you don’t take responsibility – and continue behaving in the same harmful manner with your next partner. In order to understand what you do wrong and how to change it, you need to develop Self-Awareness.

Ways in which you sabotage your relationships: read more

A Sensory Approach To Perk Up Your Career

You wake up one morning and don’t feel like going to work. It may not even be anything specific that is wrong with your career. It’s just that it has become routine and feels somehow insufficient. There’s got to be something you can do to improve your interest in it, you tell yourself.

Maybe you have already been there, done that – or so it seems. Only now you have the revelation plus the willingness to make a change before you get to burnout. It’s time to flush out what has likely been in the background for a while, with a creative approach. Is there something you could do that will cause a whole new outlook without changing jobs? Something you haven’t yet tried? There is. read more

Do You Know The Difference Between Healthy And Unhealthy Guilt?

Guilt is the emotional reaction people may feel if they believe they are directly or indirectly responsible for something bad happening. Feelings of guilt arise when you feel bad about your behavior and its consequences. This is different from the feeling of shame, because people who feel shame are evaluating themselves as bad, not just their actions. For example, if you feel bad for telling a lie, that would be a feeling of guilt. However, if you feel bad for being a liar, that would be a feeling of shame. read more